Chicory of wild pastures

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An incredibly tasty vegetable,
slightly bitter and intense like the air of the unspoilt woods of Sila.
All we had to do was adding a pinch of salt and some garlic.
Only preservative: extra-virgin olive oil.

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Chicory of wild pastures is a specialty prepared exclusively with extravirgin olive oil and salt.

This is an old recipe, whose history is linked to that of the earth from which the chicory comes from. This original cultivar is borns in the Sila National Park, the oldest of southern Italy where it grows naturally in forests, only fed by spring water, sun and fresh air.

Thanks to its many health properties, this cultivar is very appreciated by the locals. They used to eat it only seasoned with salt, a clove of garlic and extravirgin olive oil, after cooking it in hot water for only 5 minutes.

It is a quick dish to be enjoyed alone or beside a grilled steak, soya steak, tofu, meat or cheese. The absence of synthetic fertilizers makes it really tasty.

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net weight 90 gr,


Chicory of wild pastures 80%, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, garlic and salt.



Place of production



hand made


a bitter taste, typical chicory


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