Flavoured extra virgin olive oil with hot peppers

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The strength of hot peppers combined with extra-virgin olive oil.
Great character like its ingredients.

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Olives and hot peppers. A marriage made in heaven.

Green olives picked  from the trees and soon cold pressed with sweet and spicy peppers. This ancient recipe uses all the parts of the peppers: the pulp and seeds. The former givesto the oil the scentof the pepper while the latter, with their slightly spicy flavour, make the dressing more tasty.

It is perfect onsoups and vegetables, pizza, pasta, and whenever you want to spice up your meal.

Additional information


one one bottle contains 250 ml of product


Olives Cultivr Carolea 95%. Hot and sweet peppers 5%



Oil Mill


Best before

18 months after opening


pleasantly spicy


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