The company

Vitulia. Italiani di Origine is a young brand, born in the heart of Catanzaro in 2017 and owned by Motherland Food S.r.L. From the very beginning it has pursued a very specific vocation: to offer its customers typical products of the Calabrian gastronomy united by a chic and refined look.

The intent is to enhance the vast Calabrian gastronomic heritage; starting from a real research carried out on the territory, of indigenous raw materials and small and medium production companies; that for centuries and with recipes handed down from father to son, have been collecting, preparing and transforming these precious ingredients, using only natural preservatives, such as extra virgin olive oil.

But that is not all! With Vitùlia the typical gastronomic products such as Tropea red onion jam, or the dried tomato pate or even the fruit flavored extra virgin olive oils, are transfigured .. they become variegated, colorful, vivid collections .. like the land they come from.

This is our mission! What makes this company unique; free to re (n) dress with its brand “only” genuine products, made with local ingredients, not always all available because they are subject to seasonality and increasingly frequent natural disasters, but for this very reason authentic! An authenticity that persists throughout the supply chain and that arrives straight into the hands of those who consume it.